About Us

Ideal Business Resources turn your business challenges into successes with comprehensive business process management; thus helping you focus on what matters most.
Together we grow, together we give back,
together we scale.

Ideal Business resources is a company taking a modern approach to the outsourcing industry. Leveraging the power of People and transformative processes that allow both extension and integration.

We are changing perceptions of what outsourcing is and can be. With Ideal Business Resources, we are all a team and family, and you’ll see that true difference when partnering with us. Our clear focus on the people as a service model has led to our market-leading position in Business Process Outsourcing firm.


Our Mission is to consistently and happily deliver the world’s best concierge-level of services. Defined by joy and relentless innovation – We are proud to be differentiated as an Amazing People as a Service Business.


To be the best service engine for global organizations.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Ideal Business Resources

Our Team

Our individual skills and extensive industry experience vary, however, we are all united through our drive and passion to help our clients improve and discover new and better insights.

Mr. Jay Painter

CEO & Founder

Jay Painter, CEO & Founder of the Ideal Business Resources. He is an Inspired Leader, A Trend-Setter, and an Atypical Founder whose flawless services have helped clients to gain popularity in the World and beyond. 

He Holds Electronics & Communication Degree. He is known for his deep knowledge and the conviction to tread new and innovative paths. His Approach is to Continued Technology and Service Innovation, Integration of Solutions for greater operational efficiency and Client satisfaction. Jay’s personal space is just as exciting to include Enjoying Water sports, Playing Cricket, Camping, and being outdoors.

Mrs. Shreya Painter


Shreya Painter, CIO of Ideal Business Resources is a key force behind the company’s success. Under her leadership, a team of motivated individuals with distinguishable administrative skills works towards the goal of developing customized solutions for clients across verticals to give them real and sustainable Business Outcomes.

Shreya is based in Surat, India with her husband. When she’s not working, You would probably find her watching Movies, Skiing, Camping, Singing, Painting.

Dr. Heena Patel

AI Expert
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